Where to stay in Yokohama: 6 Best areas

Finding where to stay in Yokohama as a first-time visitor can be difficult. That’s why, in today’s post, I will share with you what I believe are the best areas to stay in Yokohama (including a map), where I stayed in Yokohama, and the best hotels in Yokohama for visitors of all budgets.

Yokohama is a major city in Japan, located south of Tokyo in the Kanagawa Prefecture. It is one of the country’s largest and most populous cities. Yokohama is part of the Greater Tokyo Area and is considered a key part of the Tokyo-Yokohama metropolitan area.

Yokohama has a well-developed transportation network, including a subway system, commuter rail lines, and highways, making it easy to access from other parts of Japan, especially Tokyo.

Yokohama is known for its large and historically significant port, which opened to foreign trade in the mid-19th century. This port played a crucial role in Japan’s modernization and the opening of the country to the world.

The city is home to various landmarks and attractions, including Chinatown, Yamashita Park, Sankeien Garden, and Landmark Tower, which houses one of Japan’s tallest buildings and a luxury hotel.

Yokohama hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year. The Yokohama International Film Festival and the Yokohama Triennale are notable examples.

Yokohama Bay Bridge is the city’s iconic bridge connecting Yokohama to the Miura Peninsula and is a prominent feature of the city’s skyline. The city is home to Yokohama Stadium, which hosts baseball games and other events.

Yokohama is a vibrant and diverse city in Japan, offering several great areas to stay, each with its own unique charm and attractions. The best area for you depends on your preferences and what you plan to do during your stay.

Where to stay in Yokohama?

The best areas to stay in Yokohama for tourists are Minato Mirai 21, Sakuragicho Station, Yokohama Station, Kannai/ Yokohama Stadium, Chinatown/ Motomachi, and Shin-Yokohama Station.

These areas are very-well connected to public transportation and offer a wide range of hotels for all budgets.

If you want a mix of modern attractions and waterfront views, Minato Mirai 21 and Sakuragicho are great options. If you prefer a more historic and cultural experience, consider Kannai and Chinatown/Motomachi. 

Yokohama Station and Shin-Yokohama are convenient for transportation and specific events.

During my trip to Yokoham, I stayed in the Minato Mirai 21 area at the mid-range hotel, the square hotel Yokohama Minatomirai. The hotel is set in a convenient location, within easy access to the train station and major attractions.

Below is a map of the popular areas in Yokohama for travelers. You can scroll down to view the live map.

Map of the best areas to stay in Yokohama first time
Map of the best areas to stay in Yokohama first time

Let’s get into the details of the recommended areas to stay in Yokohama. I’ll provide you with some suggestions for the best places to stay in each area, catering to every budget. 

All hotels in Yokohama have been carefully selected by me, with guest review scores of at least 8.0 or higher at the time I chose them. If you don’t like my suggestions (perhaps they don’t suit your budget or preferences), you can click the “MORE HOTEL DEALS” button where you can choose your own hotel.

6 Best areas to stay in Yokohama for tourists:

1. Minato Mirai 21

Minato Mirai 21 is a modern waterfront district and is one of the most popular places to stay in Yokohama. It’s known for its modern skyscrapers, shopping malls like Landmark Plaza and Queen’s Square, and attractions such as Yokohama Cosmo World and the Yokohama Landmark Tower. 

Yokohama Landmark Tower houses a luxury hotel, offices, restaurants, and an observation deck with panoramic views of the city. The Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel, located in Cosmo World amusement park, is another prominent feature of the skyline.

You can visit the Cup Noodles Museum Yokohama, Yokohama Museum of Art, which features a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional Japanese art. The Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal is also here, offering boat tours of Yokohama’s waterfront.

There are many hotels in this area, ranging from luxury to mid-range options. Great for those who enjoy a mix of city life and waterfront views.

Best places to stay in Yokohama in Minato Mirai 21:

  • Luxury ($$$): The Kahala Hotel & Resort Yokohama, 5-star hotel, centrally located in n Yokohama, between Yokohama Station and the sea. Also offers easy access to the Pacifico Yokohama, Cupnoodles Museum and Yokohama Museum.
  • Mid-range ($$): the square hotel Yokohama Minatomirai, a very popular 4-star hotel, offering stunning views of the ocean and the harbor, close to Pacifico Yokohama, and the Yokohama Railway Station.
  • Budget ($): Yokohama Tokyu REI Hotel, great hotel, centrally located, featuring a 24-hour front desk and luggage storage space. 

2. Sakuragicho Station Area

This area is adjacent to Minato Mirai and is home to the Sakuragicho train station, making it convenient for transportation. It’s also close to attractions like the Red Brick Warehouse and Yokohama World Porters shopping mall.

Sakuragicho Station is well-connected to various train lines, including the JR Negishi Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, and Yokohama Subway Line. This makes it easy to access other parts of Yokohama, as well as neighboring cities like Tokyo and Kamakura. 

Additionally, it’s a short walk from Minato Mirai 21, famous Chinatown, and Yokohama Station.

Best places to stay in Yokohama in Sakuragicho Station area:

  • Budget ($): JR-East Hotel Mets Yokohama Sakuragicho, great 3-star good value for money hotel, centrally located  just above Sakuragicho station, offering direct access to Shin-Yokohama Shinkansen station.
  • Mid-range ($$): New Otani Inn Yokohama Premium, 4-star hotel, located a minute walk from JR Sakuragicho Station, directly connected to Colette Mare shopping center. Within walking distance from Yokohama Landmark Tower, Red Brick Warehouse, and an easy subway ride from Motomachi/ ChinaTown.
  • Budget ($): Hotel Resol Yokohama Sakuragicho, 3-star hotel in a good location, close to Sakuragicho station, a short walk from many restaurants and bars.

3. Yokohama Station Area

Yokohama Station is a great base for travelers who prioritize easy access to transportation. Yokohama Station is a major transportation hub, a short train ride away from Shin-Yokohama Station. It is also a convenient area for access to Haneda Airport and Narita Airport.

Staying near Yokohama Station is practical if you plan to take day trips to Tokyo or other nearby cities, as the Shinkansen (bullet train) and other train lines offer quick connections.

The area around Yokohama Station is home to several shopping complexes, including SOGO Yokohama Yokohama department store and the Sky Building with a variety of retail stores, restaurants, and a rooftop garden with views of the city. 

The area around Yokohama Station is a significant business district, making it convenient for business travelers attending meetings or conferences in the city.

Best places to stay in Yokohama Station Area:

  • Luxury ($$$): Yokohama Bay Sheraton Hotel and Towers, 5-star hotel, located just a few steps from JR Yokohama Train Station. It’s a 20 mins bus ride from Haneda Airport, short train/ taxi ride from Yokohama Chinatown, Minatomirai, and Yamashita Park.
  • Mid-range ($$): Richmond Hotel Yokohama Ekimae, 3-star good value for money accommodation, located just a mins walk from the station. Plenty of restaurants and entertainments nearby.
  • Budget ($): Sotetsu Fresa Inn Yokohama Higashiguchi, popular 3-star hotel, has a great location, easy access to Yokohama Station, on-site cafe, Minimart, and lots of things to do and see nearby.

4. Kannai Station / Yokohama Stadium Area

Kannai is the historic district of Yokohama and has a mix of old and new attractions. You can explore historic buildings, visit the Yokohama Museum of Art, and enjoy local bars and restaurants. This area also has several hotels.

Yokohama Stadium, where you can catch baseball games and other events, is nearby. The area also hosts cultural events and festivals throughout the year.

Kannai offers a more traditional atmosphere compared to Minato Mirai. Recommended for travelers interested in history and cultural experiences.

Best places to stay in Yokohama in Kannai Station area:

  • Budget ($): Super Hotel Yokohama Kannai, 3-star good value for money hotel, short walk from the subway station and shuttle bus for Haneda airport. Easy access to Chinatown for food and restaurants.
  • Budget ($): HOTEL MYSTAYS Yokohama Kannai, 3-star hotel, a minute’s walk from Kannai Station on the Yokohama Municipal Subway Line. Also close to JR Kannai Station on the Keihin-Tohoku Line, the Red Brick Warehouse, and Yokohama Stadium.
  • Budget ($): Richmond Hotel Yokohama-Bashamichi, 3-star hotel located a few mins walk from Chinatown, Red Brick Warehouse, and Minato Mirai areas.

5. Chinatown/ Motomachi

Yokohama’s Chinatown is one of the largest in Japan and is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, delicious street food, and traditional architecture. Staying in this area will immerse you in the culture and cuisine of China and Japan.

Motomachi and Yamate neighborhoods, adjacent to Chinatown, offer a more relaxed and residential atmosphere. They are known for their Western-style architecture, including beautiful European-style houses and gardens. You’ll find boutique hotels and guesthouses in this area.

Motomachi is also the gateway to the Yamate Bluff area, which features beautiful Western-style mansions, gardens, and stunning views of Yokohama Bay. It’s a peaceful area for leisurely walks and enjoying the scenic beauty.

Throughout the year, Chinatown hosts various events and festivals, especially during Chinese New Year. The streets come alive with parades, lion dances, and other traditional performances.

There are several Chinese temples in Chinatown, including Kanteibyo Temple and Mazu Miao Temple. These temples are not only places of worship but also offer beautiful architecture and a glimpse into Chinese religious practices.

Both Chinatown and Motomachi are within walking distance of Ishikawacho Station, making it easy to explore other parts of Yokohama and beyond.

Best places to stay in Yokohama in Chinatown/ Motomachi:

  • Luxury ($$$): Hotel New Grand, popular 5-star hotel, situated right in front of Yamashita Park offering views of Yokohama Bay. It is only a few steps away from Motomachi-Chukagai Subway Station, ChinaTown, Motomachi shopping area, and Osanbashi Pier.
  • Luxury ($$$): Hyatt Regency Yokohama, 5-star hotel, a short walk from Yokohama Marine Tower,  easy access to the iconic Yamashita park, the harbor, and subway station.
  • Budget ($): Daiwa Roynet Hotel Yokohama-Koen, 3-star accommodation, a short walk from JR Kannai Train Station, Yokohama Stadium,  Yamashita Park, and Yokohama Chinatown.
  • Hostel ($): Chillulu Hostel, 1-star accommodation, good value for money, in the middle of Chinatown.

6. Shin-Yokohama Station Area

If you’re in Yokohama primarily for a sports event or concert at the Yokohama Arena, staying in the Shin-Yokohama area is convenient. It’s also close to the Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum and the Nissan Stadium.

Shin-Yokohama Station is a key stop on the Tokaido Shinkansen line, connecting Tokyo and Osaka. If you plan to travel between these two major cities or explore other parts of Japan via the Shinkansen, staying in this area can be very convenient.

Best places to stay in Shin-Yokohama Station Area:

  • Mid-range ($$): Hotel Associa Shin-Yokohama, 4-star hotel, located above Shin-Yokohama Station, only 17 mins bullet train ride to Tokyo Station and 10 mins train ride to Shinagawa Station. Also easy access to Haneda International Airport, Yokohama, Nagoya and Osaka.
  • Budget ($):  Best Western Hotel Fino Shin-Yokohama, great 3-star hotel, moderately close to the train station and shopping center.
  • Budget ($): Shin Yokohama Grace Hotel, 3-star hotel, a few mins walk from Shin-Yokohama Station and Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, a short drive from Nissan Stadium.  

In conclusion, Minato Mirai 21, Sakuragicho, Yokohama, Kannai/ Yokohama Stadium, Chinatown/ Motomachi, and Shin-Yokohama are the best places to stay in Yokohama for tourists. Yokohama is quite small and compact, so you can easily explore the city no matter where you stay.

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There you have it, my recommendations for the popular areas and neighborhoods that you can stay during your trip to Yokohama. I hope you found my article helpful and enjoy your holiday!

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