Where to Stay in Rome on a budget: 5 Best areas

Wondering Where to Stay in Rome on a budget? In this post, I will help you to find the best areas to stay in Rome on a budget and budget-friendly places to stay in the Eternal City.

Rome can be a moderately expensive city to travel to, especially when compared to some other destinations in Europe. But, the cost of your trip to Rome will depend on your travel style, preferences, and budget.

While many first-time travelers stay in The historic center due to its proximity to major attractions such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, and Colosseum. But it can be expensive for accommodation and dining. 

If you travel on a budget, you can consider staying slightly outside the historic center, as prices tend to be lower while still being well-connected to public transportation.

Where to Stay in Rome on a budget?

The best areas to stay in Rome on a budget are Trastevere, Termini Station area, Monti, San Lorenzo, and Testaccio. These areas are safe for tourists, offering budget-friendly accommodations and restaurants, and are well-connected to public transportation. 

Rome has a variety of  affordable accommodation options including hostels, guesthouses, and budget hotels. You might want to try Couchsurfing where locals offer their couches or spare rooms for free. It’s important to read profiles and maintain good communication with your host.

Below is a map of the popular areas in Rome on a budget. You can scroll down to view the live map:

map of the best areas to Stay in Rome on a budget
map of the best areas to Stay in Rome on a budget

5 Best areas to Stay in Rome on a budget are:

1. Trastevere 

Trastevere is known for its authentic Roman daily life, lively nightlife, and excellent food scene. While it has become increasingly popular, it still offers budget-friendly accommodations, particularly if you look for guesthouses or budget hotels tucked away in the quieter streets.

The neighborhood is conveniently located on the west side of the River Tiber, south of Vatican City, and a short walk across the river from the historic center and the Jewish Quarter of Rome.

It is only around 30 minutes walking distance from the major attractions such as Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campo de’ Fiori, the Colosseum, and Roman Forum. You can easily explore important sights on foot.

Additionally, it has good transportation connections, no metro stops through the area but well-covered by tram and bus lines. Trastevere Train station is located at the south of the neighborhood, where commuter trains run to Fiumicino Airport and Civitavecchia cruise port. 

Tram #8 is right outside of the train station, on Via Trastevere, running between the historic center and Trastevere, stopping at popular attractions like Piazza Venezia and Largo Argentina.

Trastevere has a unique charm and a distinct local character. It is known for its narrow cobblestone streets, picturesque squares, and colorful buildings. By staying in Trastevere, you can experience the authentic Roman atmosphere and get a sense of the local way of life.

It is home to Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of Rome’s most beautiful squares. It is dominated by the Basilica di Santa Maria, a stunning church known for its mosaics and medieval architecture.

You can visit the Villa Farnesina, a Renaissance villa houses beautiful frescoes by Raphael and Sebastiano del Piombo; climb to the top of Gianicolo Hill and enjoy stunning views over the city; or visit the Isola Tiberina (Tiber Island) by crossing the Ponte Cestio bridge nearby.

Trastevere has a lively nightlife scene. The neighborhood comes alive after dark with numerous bars, pubs, and clubs where you can enjoy live music, dance, and socialize with friends.

There are an abundance of affordable dining options including traditional trattorias, pizzerias,  and wine bars. You can find a variety of authentic dishes, including pasta, pizza, gelato, and traditional Roman specialties.

Trastevere is home to various local markets and shops such as the Sunday flea market called Porta Portese, where you can browse antiques and vintage clothing.

Trastevere has long been an artistic hub, attracting painters, writers, and musicians. You’ll find numerous art galleries, boutique shops, and street art that contribute to the area’s creative atmosphere.

In terms of safety, Trastevere is generally considered a safe neighborhood in Rome, but like any popular tourist area, there are pickpocketing and scams. By taking reasonable precautions and protecting your belongings, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

While Trastevere offers many advantages such as authentic charm, central location, and lively nightlife, you can consider the potential drawbacks such as crowds, noise, and quite distance from Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain, but all are manageable.

It’s worth noting that prices can vary depending on the specific location, time of year, and type of accommodation you choose. But, overall, Trastevere provides affordability, convenience, and local charm, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious travelers visiting Rome.

Best places to stay in Rome in Trastevere on a budget:


2. Termini Station area

The Termini neighborhood, named after the central train station, offers a wide range of budget hotels and guesthouses. It’s a convenient location with easy access to public transportation, making it a good base for exploring the city.

Termini offers a wide range of accommodation options, including budget hotels, hostels, and guesthouses. The intense competition in this area often leads to lower prices compared to other parts of the city, making it an attractive choice for budget travelers.

Termini Station is located in the heart of Rome, making it a central location for accessing many of the city’s famous landmarks and attractions. The Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and Spanish Steps are within walking distance or a short metro ride away.

Termini Station is well-connected to both airports in Rome, Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci) and Ciampino, via express trains and shuttle buses. If you have an early or late flight, staying near Termini can be beneficial for easy airport transfers.

The Termini area is filled with restaurants, cafes, and shops for all tastes and budgets. There is also a large indoor market called Mercato Centrale, offering a variety of food stalls and gourmet products.

Most areas are generally safe, but as in any transportation hub, Termini can attract pickpockets and other petty criminals. It’s important to stay vigilant and take care of your belongings while navigating the station and its surroundings.

Termini is primarily a transit hub, and the immediate vicinity may lack the picturesque charm of other neighborhoods in Rome and it can be quite busy and crowded during peak travel times, which can be overwhelming for some visitors. 

Overall, Termini is a great base if you prefer convenient transportation, affordable accommodation, and easy access to attractions. It really depends on your preferences and priorities while visiting Rome.

Best places to stay in Rome in Termini on a budget:


3. Monti

Monti is a hip and safe neighborhood that is known for its close proximity to Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Piazza Venezia, and Roman Forum, as well as narrow cobblestone streets, a bohemian atmosphere, and lively nightlife. 

Monti generally offers more affordable accommodation options compared to other central areas of Rome. You can find a range of budget-friendly hotels, hostels, and guesthouses that cater to different types of travelers.

Many popular attractions are easily explored on foot. You can take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets of Monti and soak up the neighborhood’s unique ambiance. The area is filled with vintage boutiques, art galleries, and quaint cafes.

Additionally, it is well-connected to other parts of Rome, with several metro stations nearby, including Cavour, Colosseo, and Roma Termini train station, making it a great location to explore other attractions in the city.

One of the main landmarks in Monti is the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, a beautiful church dating back to the 5th century and is known for its stunning mosaics and impressive architecture.

In the heart of Monti lies Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, which is a great spot to sit down, relax, and people-watch. Grab a coffee from a nearby cafe and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Monti is also home to the Colle Oppio Park, provides fantastic views of the Colosseum and is a great spot for a relaxing stroll or a picnic.

The neighborhood is filled with traditional Roman trattorias, trendy cafes, pizzerias, and international restaurants. You can find delicious meals at different budgets.

Monti has a vibrant nightlife scene with numerous bars and clubs where you can enjoy a drink or dance the night away. The neighborhood often hosts live music events, art exhibitions, and street performances, adding to its lively ambiance.

There are also great shopping experiences here at the local Mercato Rionale Monti  and Trajan’s Market, where you can find vintage fashion, handmade jewelry.

Overall, Monti is an ideal base for those seeking budget accommodation, safe neighborhood, proximity to major landmarks such as the Colosseum, and well-connected to public transportation. 

Best places to stay in Rome in Monti on a budget:


4. San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo is a student area with a bohemian vibe and affordable accommodations. It’s a bit further away from the city center but offers a range of budget-friendly options, including hostels and budget hotels.

San Lorenzo is located right next to Termini Station, the main transportation hub in Rome, making it a great base to explore other parts of the city by public transportation.

San Lorenzo is located near La Sapienza University, the largest university in Rome and one of the largest in Europe. As a result, the neighborhood has a vibrant and lively atmosphere, with  youthful energy, eclectic bars, restaurants, and nightlife.

There are also vibrant street art scenes with colorful murals, graffiti, and artistic expressions on the walls of buildings, giving it a distinct character.  

San Lorenzo is home to the Basilica of San Lorenzo Fuori le Mura (St. Lawrence Outside the Walls), that has impressive architecture and beautiful mosaics.

While San Lorenzo has improved in terms of safety in recent years, some parts of the neighborhood may still have a reputation for petty crime. It’s advisable to be  aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings secure.

Overall, San Lorenzo can be a great option for budget travelers who are looking for an affordable and vibrant neighborhood experience, local atmosphere, and proximity to transportation.

Best places to stay in Rome in San Lorenzo on a budget:


5. Testaccio

Testaccio is a safe residential neighborhood that offers a more local and authentic experience. It has a range of budget hotels and guesthouses, and it’s known for its traditional Roman cuisine and lively food markets.

Although Testaccio is not located in the historic center, it is well-connected to Rome’s major attractions by public transportation. The Piramide metro station and several bus lines serve the area, making it convenient to reach popular tourist spots such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Vatican City without staying in the more expensive central districts.

Testaccio is renowned for its vibrant food scene and culinary traditions. It has long been considered a hub of Roman cuisine, offering a wide range of traditional dishes. 

The Testaccio Market, also known as Mercato di Testaccio, is a popular destination for food lovers. It features a variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other local products.

Testaccio has a lively nightlife scene, attracting locals and young travelers. The area is known for its clubs, bars, and live music venues, offering entertainment options at affordable prices.  

Best places to stay in Rome in Testaccio on a budget:


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In conclusion, Trastevere, Termini Station area, Monti, San Lorenzo, and Testaccio are the best places to stay in Rome on a budget. Trastevere appeals to those seeking authentic and a lively atmosphere. The Termini Station area suits travelers needing convenient transportation. 

Monti offers a mix of history, trendy shops, and restaurants, and is close to the Colosseum. San Lorenzo caters to students and artists with its vibrant nightlife. Testaccio is perfect for food enthusiasts, providing a taste of authentic Roman cuisine.

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