Where to stay in Stuttgart for first time: 4 Safe areas

Finding where to stay in Stuttgart as a first-timer can be overwhelming. That’s why, in today’s article, I will help you to find safe places to stay in Stuttgart for first-time visitors.

I will share with you what I believe are the best and safe areas to stay in Stuttgart for first-timers and tourists, along with a helpful map and areas to avoid. I’ll also share where I stayed in Stuttgart and recommend some of the best hotels for visitors with various budgets.

Stuttgart is a vibrant city located in southwestern Germany, known for its rich history, cultural attractions, and economic significance. It’s the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg and is famous for being home to several major automotive companies, including Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.

The city offers a mix of modernity and tradition, with landmarks like the Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum, and the beautiful Stuttgart State Opera showcasing its cultural and industrial heritage. 

The surrounding region is also known for its picturesque vineyards, charming towns, and scenic landscapes, making it a popular destination for tourists and wine enthusiasts alike.

Stuttgart hosts the Stuttgart Beer Festival (Cannstatter Volksfest) and the Christmas Market (Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt), adding to its lively atmosphere and cultural diversity.

Is Stuttgart safe to visit?

Yes, Stuttgart is overall a safe place to visit. The city center is generally the safest place for visitors to book their accommodations; there are no real bad areas. However, I always advise you to use common sense, as you would when traveling to any city.

Some standard precautions include staying aware of your surroundings, keeping your belongings secure, sticking to the popular tourist areas, and avoiding risky areas at night (quiet parks, empty U-bahn stations/tunnels, and empty poorly lit streets). 

Stuttgart occasionally sees demonstrations or protests. While these are usually peaceful, it’s best to avoid getting involved to prevent any potential risks.

Where to stay in Stuttgart for the first time?

The best and safe areas to stay in Stuttgart for first-timers and tourists include Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart-Ost, Bad Cannstatt, and Stuttgart-West. As always, regardless of where you stay, it’s advisable to take normal safety precautions to ensure an enjoyable trip.

City Center (Mitte) is ideal base for tourists as it puts you right in the heart of Stuttgart’s attractions, such as the Schlossplatz (Palace Square), the Old Castle (Altes Schloss), and the Königstraße shopping street. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, and cafes here, making it convenient for visitors.

Bad Cannstatt, a bit removed from the city center, is known for its mineral springs, Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche-Arena, Wilhelma Zoo & Botanical Garden. It offers a more relaxed atmosphere compared to the bustling city center while still offers easy access to attractions via public transportation.

Stuttgart-West is a trendy neighborhood that is popular among younger crowds and offers a variety of hip cafes, bars, and boutiques. It’s within walking distance or a short tram ride to the city center and provides a different vibe for those looking for a more eclectic experience.

Stuttgart-Ost, just east of the city center, is known for its cultural diversity and artsy atmosphere. It’s home to the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart art museum. This area offers a mix of residential streets and lively squares with cafes and restaurants.

During my trip to Stuttgart, I stayed at the 3-star Motel One Stuttgart-Hauptbahnhof. It was a popular hotel lcated close to the main train station, easily access to the city center with its museums, castle, and shopping streets. My room was spacious, clean, well designed, and comfortable.

Below is a map of the popular areas in Stuttgart for first-time travelers. You can scroll down to view the live map.

Map of the safe areas to stay in Stuttgart first time
Map of the safe areas to stay in Stuttgart first time

Let’s get into the details of the recommended areas to stay in Stuttgart, especially for first-time visitors. I’ll provide you with some suggestions for the best places to stay in each area, catering to every budget. 

All hotels in Stuttgart have been carefully selected by me from well-known and secure booking sites such as booking.com, with guest review scores of at least 8.0 or higher at the time I chose them. 

If you don’t like my suggestions (perhaps they don’t suit your budget or preferences), you can click the “MORE HOTEL DEALS” button where you can choose your own hotel.

4 Best/ Safe areas to stay in Stuttgart for first-timers and tourists:

1. Stuttgart-Mitte (City Center)

Stuttgart-Mitte, the city center of Stuttgart, is indeed a fantastic area for first-time visitors and tourists.  is This area is right in the heart of the city, making it convenient to access major attractions, shopping areas, restaurants, and transportation hubs.

Mitte is home to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (Main Train Station), making convenient for tourists arriving by train or using public transportation to explore other parts of the city and beyond.

Many of Stuttgart’s top attractions are located in or near Stuttgart-Mitte, including the Old Castle (Altes Schloss), the New Palace (Neues Schloss), the Schillerplatz square, and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart art museum.

Stuttgart-Mitte offers a diverse range of shopping opportunities, from high-end boutiques to local markets. Königstraße, one of Germany’s longest pedestrian shopping streets, is located here.

You’ll find a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, beer gardens, and bars. Whether you’re looking for traditional Swabian cuisine or international flavors, you’ll find plenty of options.

Best places to stay in Stuttgart in Mitte for first-timers:

Luxury ($$$): Steigenberger Graf Zeppelin, 5-star hotel conveniently located in the city center of Stuttgart, right next to the Central Station. It is within walking distance from major points of interest including The Königstraße shopping street, the National Gallery, the Schlossplatz. It has soundproofed rooms, a  rooftop spa, a fitness center, and 24-hour front desk.

Luxury ($$$): Le Méridien Stuttgart, 5-star hotel located in central Stuttgart-Mitte, right next to the Schlossgarten Park, easy access to the main train station and the major sights. It has an indoor pool, family rooms, and very good breakfast. Just be mindful that while it is only a 10 mins walk from the central station, but via some stairs, it might be a little difficult for people with heavy luggage.

Mid-range ($$): EmiLu Design Hotel, 4-star hotel located in the middle of the old town, easy walk from major shopping streets and noted attractions, including the Stock Exchange and the State Theatre. It has  private parking, a 24-hour front desk, and excellent breakfast.

Mid-range ($$): Kronenhotel, great 4-star accommodation located in a quiet area, close to the  pedestrian area, Königstraße, and train station. It has soundproof rooms, wonderful breakfast, and 24-hour front desk.

Mid-range ($$): Maritim Hotel Stuttgart, super popular 4-star hotel quietly located in the city center of Stuttgart, 15 mins walk from the main train station. It is a convenient base close to the Liederhalle culture and congress center and Bosch-Areal shopping complex. Take note that many travelers say that the hotel has a weak wifi connection.

Mid-range ($$): Aloft Stuttgart, 4-star hotel in a great location, next to a big Milaneo shopping complex. It is also easily accessible from the airport using the U-bahn. You can find many excellent restaurants nearby. It is close to the main station but is 20 mins walk from the city center though.

Budget ($): Motel One Stuttgart-Mitte, great 3-star hotel close to the Central Station (for services to Stuttgart Airport and other parts of the city), 5 mins walk from Schlossplatz Square and the palace garden. It has an onsite bar, a terrace, and good breakfast.

Budget ($): Motel One Stuttgart-Hauptbahnhof, popular 3-star hotel located in the center of Stuttgart, only a few mins walk from the Central Station. You can choose to stay in a quiet room facing the inner courtyard.

Budget ($): Pension am Heusteig, 3-star good value for money accommodation, covenienly located only a few mins walk from underground trains, Hegel House, and Königsstraße where you can find many restaurants and shops. Just aware that the hotel have no elevator, and there are stairs to reach rooms.


2. Stuttgart-Ost

Stuttgart-Ost, located east of the city center, offers a more local and residential atmosphere compared to the bustling city center. You can enjoy exploring charming streets, parks, and squares while experiencing a slice of everyday life in Stuttgart.

This area also close to numerous attractions including the quirky SchweineMuseum Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn convert hall, Santiago de Chile Place Observation deck, and Stuttgart TV Tower with  an observation deck for sweeping city views.

Best places to stay in Stuttgart-Ost for visitors:

Mid-range ($$): Zur Weinsteige, 4-star family-run hotel located at the base of of the Weinsteige Hill, 10 mins walk from Neues Schloß palace. 15 mins walk from the city center, but you can use public transportation nearby. The rooms have a decent size. You can find serveral restaurants, cafes, and bakeries neabry.

Budget ($): CLOUD No7 LOFTS, 3-star condo hotel, featuring rooms with a fully equipped kitchen. It is in Stuttgart-Ost, close to some good places to eat including Königsbäck bakery and Schlampazius restautant. Rooms are spacious and clean.

Mid-range ($$): Internationales Studierendenhotel, good value for money accommodation in  Stuttgart-Ost, easy access to the U-Bahn subway, close to a beautiful park, with some nice restaurants nearby including the Vietnamese restaurant and Taraba cafe. Rooms have a good size and are soundproof.

Budget ($): B&B Hotel Stuttgart-Neckarhafen, popular 4-star hotel, good base for a trip to the Mercedes museum and LKA Longhorn concert hall. There are public transportation nearby to get into the city center.


3. Bad Cannstatt

Bad Cannstatt is a great area for tourists to consider when visiting Stuttgart. This area offer easy access to various popular points of interest including Mercedes-Benz Museum, Porsche Museum, Wilhelma Zoo & Botanical Garden, and the MineralBad Cannstatt Thermal baths. 

Bad Cannstatt is one of the oldest parts of Stuttgart and is steeped in history. You can explore the charming old town area with its half-timbered houses, cobblestone streets, and historic buildings.

Bad Cannstatt is famous for its mineral springs, which have been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. You can relax and rejuvenate at the Cannstatter Mineralbad, a beautiful bathhouse featuring thermal baths and spa facilities.

This area host the famous festival ground, Cannstatter Wasen, the location of the annual Cannstatter Volksfest, the second-largest beer festival in Germany after Oktoberfest in Munich. The festival features traditional beer tents, fairground rides, and Bavarian entertainment.

Bad Cannstatt is surrounded by beautiful parks and green spaces, including the Kurpark Bad Cannstatt and the Rosensteinpark. These parks are perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, and outdoor activities.

The Neckar River runs through Bad Cannstatt, and you can enjoy scenic walks along the riverfront promenade. Boat tours and cruises are also available to explore the city from a different perspective.

Best places to stay in Stuttgart in Bad Cannstatt:

Budget ($):  Motel One Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, 3-star hotel located in Bad Canstatt, close to m Zoo Wilhelma and the annual beer festival ground of Canstatter Wasen. 10 mins drive by car from  Mercedes Benz Museum. Great location for volkfest. You can find a subway station nearby for exploring the city.  Lots of cafes and restaurants nearby. 

Budget ($): Premier Inn Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt, good value for money accommodation in Bad Cannstatt, great base for sightseeing, U-bahn trains stop nearby. Short walk to a supermarket, shops, and restaurants.

Budget ($): Hotel Spahr, popular accommodation in the heart of Bad Cannstatt district, easy access to several sights including the  the Old Castle, the Market Hall, and National Theater. The hotel has free parking, which is a bonus for those who come with a car.

Mid-range ($$): Best Western Plus Hotel Fellbach-Stuttgart, 4-star accommodation located just a few steps from the Fellbach town center, 20 mins tram ride to Stuttgart city center.


4. Stuttgart-West (Lehen/ Karlshöhe/Feuersee)

Stuttgart-West is a vibrant and eclectic area, located west of historic old town. It is a large area, you can choose to stay in Lehen, Karlshöhe, and Feuersee, which have some popular accommodations and closer to the old town.

Stuttgart-West has a distinct bohemian vibe with its trendy cafes, art galleries, and boutiques. It’s a hub for creatives and young professionals, making it an exciting place to explore.

This area features charming streets lined with historic buildings, including the imposing Johanneskirche (St. John’s Church) and the iconic Feuersee (Fire Lake), which is surrounded by picturesque architecture.

Best places to stay in Stuttgart-West for tourists:

  • Mid-range ($$): Park Inn by Radisson Stuttgart, popular 4-star hotel in Karlshöhe, 2-minute walk from the Marienplatz Square, 15 mins walk from the historic old town.
  • Budget ($): Central-Classic Hotel, 3-star hotel in Feuersee, 10 mins walk from the  historic center and close to Feuersee S-Bahn Train Station.
  • Budget ($): List Five – Your British Guesthouse, good value for money accommodation in  Stuttgart-Süd, on the edge of the city center.

In conclusion, Stuttgart-Mitte, Stuttgart-Ost, Bad Cannstatt, and Stuttgart-West are the best places to stay in Stuttgart for first-timers and tourists. Stuttgart-Mitte is overall best location to book your accommodation as you’ll have easy access to all tourists amenities, attractions, and the central station.

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There you have it, my recommendations for the most popular and safest neighborhoods that you can stay during your first trip to Stuttgart. I hope you enjoyed my article and find it both informative and helpful.

If you have any questions or would like to share your thoughts, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. Your feedback is invaluable and helps me continue to create more quality content.

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